When I served as Mayor of the City of Louisville, I suffered a serious injury in an auto accident. Both the company that caused the accident, Bee Line, and it’s insurance company, Grange, completely denied their responsibility for the accident. They both hired lawyers, and fought us on every level. I hired Tim. He fought the good fight, trying my case and winning it in Jefferson Circuit Court. I hope that he can help you the way that he was able to help me.

– Dave Armstrong, former Kentucky Attorney General, Jefferson County Judge, & Mayor of the City of Louisville

When I was injured, I was burned so badly that I nearly died. It took months in the burn ward, rehab, and a difficult recovery at home to restore my life. While I fought for my life, my family hired Tim. I was completely incapacitated, and he and my wife worked together. My wife interviewed a number of lawyers, and hired Tim. Tim fought for us – for our livelihood and my rights concerning my healthcare in the hospital. He went to Court and had my wife appointed to handle my business affairs because I was unable to do so. He brought in experts in my case from around the country. He was there for us whenever we needed him, and more. He was able to resolve our case, securing my and my family’s financial futures. He will always be our friend and lawyer.

-D.B., Louisville

My life was changed and I was nearly killed, losing my leg when I was run over by a garbage truck while riding my bicycle in the Highlands in Louisville. Tim took my case and worked hard, with expert witnesses building my case, including an accident reconstructionist, a lifecare planner, a vocational economist, and even an expert in blood splatter evidence. The garbage company tried to blame me – and Tim fought back. He got my case settled, and I was able to get on with my life. He means it when he says it – I got the right legal help when I needed it with Tim.

-T.C., Louisville

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