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Tim Lange is an attorney who fights for his clients against Big Trucking and Auto Insurance companies. He’s done so for over 25 years and he is nationally recognized in the world of trucking litigators. Tim was elected the 2020 Chairman of the Trucking Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, leading over 400 other trucking lawyers in their fights to get their clients justice against Big Trucking and Big Insurance. He is passionate about road safety, as his years of service as a Governor of the Kentucky Justice Association and work with the American Association for Justice proves.

Practicing cases nationally, Tim is based out of and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Tim personally works on all of the cases he accepts for his team. He represents injured people through the toughest of times. He cares about his clients. Tim is not a TV advertising lawyer that his clients will never meet…

For a free consultation about your case, contact Tim now by calling, emailing or chatting with us here on the web. Tim and his team want to help you get justice.


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Professional advice

The easy answer - to level the playing field. Insurance companies have lawyers, investigators, and trained claims adjustors working to minimize the claims brought against them and the people and companies that they insure. These insurance professionals start building the case against you essentially the moment they receive the first report of the claim. Protecting your legal interests takes skill and care. If you are not an attorney or otherwise aware of the law governing your injury (as well as critical issues impacting your claim - including the collection, documentation and preservation of evidence, investigation issues, medico-legal issues, and insurance industry practices - you are at a distinct disadvantage representing yourself. Do not unknowingly damage your rights and claim – get legal help quickly. Contact us as soon as is possible. If we can help, we want to help.

As soon as you, or someone acting on your behalf, can possibly do so. Evidence can disappear – including skidmarks, debris, residues, witnesses, photographs, records and the like. The sooner that you hire an attorney, the sooner your claim investigation and documentation can begin. The sooner that you get the legal advice critical to your representation, the sooner your interests are protected. Contact us as soon as possible. If we can help, we want to help.

Tim’s injury cases are generally handled on a “contingent fee” basis. A percentage of the total recovery from the representation is charged with this fee structure. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Tim’s injury cases are generally handled with case expenses advanced by him on a “contingent recovery” basis. These expenses vary from case to case, and generally include such things as investigative costs, filing fees, necessary travel/lodging costs, court reporter and videographer costs, expert witness fees, exhibit costs, and other expenses advanced in the case. Case expenses advanced are subtracted from any recovery after the fee is subtracted. If there is no recovery, or the recovery does not satisfy the expenses advanced, Tim’s personal injury clients do not owe any unrecovered costs that he advances.

Bring all of the documentation that you have of the incident in which you were injured and of your injuries. This usually includes the police report, accident/injury photographs, medical bills and any documents provided by medical providers relating to the injuries or bills incurred for treatment of the injuries sustained in the accident. Also, and importantly for auto cases, bring applicable insurance documents, including the Declarations Page of all automobile insurance policies insuring vehicles of persons with whom you live in your household, of the vehicle in which you were injured, and of any other vehicle for which you are a named insured.


Top Ten Tips for Deposing the Safety Director

Automobile and trucking accident cases typically share at least one thing in common – the road. Beyond that, they are very different. Because of extensive State and Federal regulation of the trucking industry, commercial truck cases present greater opportunities to prove liability, as well as perhaps preserve, discover and develop a punitive damages claim. Such as it is, a different approach should be taken than with regard to the ordinary car crash case. Trucking cases are ...

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Discovery Deposition of Opposing Expert Witness

            A Mantra of this column, and reality of litigation, is that experts can make, and break, our cases. Conducting the discovery deposition of an opposing expert witness is a critical step in a successful case. It is also a major task in trial preparation. Goals are generally to confirm and expose undisclosed opinions, making the expert explain each opinion and the basis for it. This is a time to require the expert to commit to and defend opinions rendered. It ...

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Trucking Technology:Maybe your Expert is in the Machine

Trucking cases are different beasts. Tractor- trailers are colossal machines. Eighty thousand pounds of steel-encased force can be very dangerous things—especially when hurling at 75 miles per hour. Given the carnage these behemoths can wreak, the stakes are high. When disaster strikes, an injured person is at a tremendous disadvantage compared to the truck driver, motor carrier, and insurer involved. Few injured people are lucky enough to engage competent legal counsel immedia...

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Biomechanics and the Mechanism of Injury

Proving that someone is hurt is often easier than proving how someone got hurt. Creative defense counsel can muddy what may otherwise seem?to be clear liability cases with causation issues, potentially deflecting fault. It may make a big difference.The burden of proving causation can get complicated. Sometimes it gets expensive. An expert in biomechanics may become essential to the success of the case, whether in challenging a significant defense or providing proof needed to win ...

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